Your Workforce, Your Future: Profiling Queensland’s child protection and family support workforce


The Your Workforce, Your Future: 2016 Survey Report: Queensland’s Child Protection and Family Support Workforce is now available.

The Workforce Council partnered with the Queensland Family and Child Commission (QFCC) to develop the survey report, aimed at building a better understanding of the child and family support workforce.

The survey report was developed from 86 responses to a survey tool to capture quantitative and qualitative workforce data from government and non-government organisations.

View the Your Workforce, Your Future infographic for key highlights, including:

– A young (72% under 50 years), feminised (73%) workforce
– A sector of small organisations (median workforce size 24)
– A qualified workforce (68% of organisations set minimum employment qualifications)

The survey report results have informed the QFCC’s development of the Strengthening our sector – a strategy for working together for a responsive, sustainable service system across the child and family support sector and the strategy’s first action plan.

Key findings of the survey report will also be used to guide the development of a career and capability framework for the sector – a tool aimed at improving how the sector attracts, retains and develops its workforce. Contact the QFCC Sector Development team for more information.


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