Consultancy Services

Successful workforce planning helps you create the workforce you need to achieve your organisational objectives. While the rewards are great, it can be difficult to find the time and head space needed to do this work effectively.

Partnering with the Workforce Council enables you to draw on our expertise and proven planning tools. Our consultants also support you to build and maintain momentum during the planning process, and we can also help you post-implementation to further increase the relevance and usefulness of your plan in the workplace.

Our workforce planning framework

We have developed a five-step process to guide our approach to workforce planning.

Workforce Planning Framework for web

Through these steps we help you examine future demand (using our excellent data resources) and think about the changes you want or expect to see in the way your organisation operates. That information is combined with an understanding your current assets, to map out the ways and means to address your human capital needs through various strategies including learning and development.

The process has been specifically designed by our team based on the approaches, challenges and trends of the health and community services industry. But the framework is flexible enough to help individual organisations examine and tackle your unique problems and desired outcomes.

How does this process unfold?

It depends on who you’d like to involve, your readiness and availability. We can create a flexible schedule of planning sessions and processes– you may prefer an intensive burst of planning, or sessions spread over a longer period.

Either way, we’ll provide you with clear guidance about what is needed at each stage, and every session will be run by an experienced Workforce Council facilitator.

Types of planning we can provide

We will work with you to comprehensively understand your needs and tailor a solution that may include the following outputs:

Strategic Workforce Plan

Addressing big picture strategic issues and future directions, including:

  • Data analysis and key issue identification
  • Future demand
  • Future service delivery
  • Future workforce
  • Scenario planning
  • Workforce analysis and gap identification
  • Prioritisation and development of workforce strategies
  • Workforce Action Plan
Workforce Development Plan

Addressing specific workforce development issues, for instance:

  • Role design
  • Traineeships and student placement
  • Attraction strategies
  • Succession planning and career pathways
  • Recruitment strategies
  • Retention strategies
  • Skills development strategies
Engagement, Implementation & Monitoring

Assistance with implementing a selection of key workforce development strategies identified above:

  • Brokering partnerships or training to support your plan
  • Advice on engaging and communicating to your team
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the plan’s success
  • Creation of change management and leadership strategies.

Ask for a tailored solution

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