Develop Leadership Qualities

Nurture natural leadership ability with specific knowledge and skills that enable your managers to demonstrate sophisticated levels of awareness and competence in guiding others, modelling organisational values and acting with emotional maturity and integrity.

We can customise a workshop or learning and development program for your organisation. This list gives you an idea of the kinds of topics we can cover: 

  • Managing Continuous Improvement
  • Leadership Perspectives on Human Resource Management Practices
  • Risk and Financial Management
  • Mentoring and Coaching Skills
  • Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Working with Challenging Colleagues or Clients

Masterclass Panel Series

The Workforce Council’s  Masterclass Panel Series brings together early childhood and children’s services professionals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives to create robust discussion, original analysis, and new perspectives for all participants to learn from.

Video 1 (5 minutes) – Hear from our extraordinary panelists, Karen Bromfield, Billie Musk, Trent Savill and Marc Armitage, facilitated by Adjunct Professor Felicity McArdle on the provocation ‘How Much is a Child Worth?

Interested in boosting your current or future leaders?

Work with us to develop a customised professional development program that can be delivered in your office or service at times that suit your team. Call our consultants on 1800 112 585 or enquire online.