deadly cards

Deadly Cards

“The Deadly Cards explore Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and culture, evoking

timeless ways of knowing and being.”

How your organisation can ‘yarn’ its way to cultural competence 

This exquisite collection of 64 cards has been designed to take you on a unique reconciliation journey of personal and professional transformation.

Developed by a dedicated team of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and non-indigenous educators sharing revelations from personal journeys, the Deadly Cards will inspire you to begin your own journey to reconciliation.

The Deadly Cards are your window into a stimulating world of questioning and discovery.

Expertly designed to explore cultural competence through facilitated conversation, or ‘yarning’, the cards encourage personal engagement in understanding
the importance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander inclusion.

The Deadly Cards come with user-friendly instructions and have a durable finish that makes them suitable for a variety of environments.


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Want a guided tour of the Deadly Cards?

Sign up for our Intentional Yarns Workshop and we’ll run it just for you. 

To help support incorporating the Deadly Cards in your program, practice and ongoing learning environment we have developed a two hour introductory workshop.

In this workshop we weave the Deadly Cards into the facilitation to give you some ideas on how you can actively utilise them in workplaces and other environments.

The workshop aims to take participants on a learning journey using the Deadly Cards as a window through which to explore and share the elements that are essential to enhancing our inclusive practice.

These elements include who we are, where we are from, including glimpses of our own world views and the integral role of building a safe space for the honest
conversation to happen.

Let us help you get started in using the Deadly Cards to enhance inclusive practice in your service.


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