Create an inclusive workplace

Currently we offer the following development opportunities to support more inclusive workplaces:

A ‘deadly’ introduction to cultural competence

Deadly Cards are a simple yet highly effective tool to guide facilitated conversations with both small and large groups. The cards were developed helps participants engage with, and understand the importance of, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander inclusion.

Participants choose a card and share a story or reflection based on the visual and written prompts – but that simple act also starts people on a journey towards cultural competence and reconciliation.

Features of the Deadly Cards pack include:

  • 64 unique cards–each one represents a cultural concept via a picture on one side and a series of questions or provocations on the reverse.
  • Made with durable materials suitable for regular use in a variety of environments.
  • User-friendly instructions provided on how to facilitate a session using Deadly Cards.
  • A poster about the process for display during your sessions.

You can buy the cards and use it to develop your team, or ask us to run a ‘Deadly Cards in Action: Intentional Yarns’ workshop to give you clear ideas on how to actively use the cards in your workplace or with your own clients. Our two-hour introductory workshop is run by experienced facilitators with expert tips on incorporating the Deadly Cards in your programs, practices and ongoing work or learning environments.

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Yarn Up Tok Blo Yumi (Talk Together, Talk Belongs to You and Me)

A Yarn Up Tok Blo Yumi workshop offers an in-depth experience that is designed to build understanding and connections with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, histories and cultures.

Over a series of eight learning sessions, usually delivered across several months, you will build your knowledge and understanding of your own and other cultural realities through activities including:

  • Exploring ‘what is cultural competence?’
  • Stories and reflection on beliefs and attitudes
  • A walk on country with local elders
  • A showcase where you share your learning.

You will enquire and explore your own attitudes as well as the culture of your workplace in order to gain deep insights into how to integrate cultural awareness into your work.

Search our events and workshops for Yarn Up Tok Blo Yumi events, or contact us to run your own (Note: A minimum of eight participants are required).