Empower your team to work well

Achieve a more skilled, confident and motivated workforce through relevant and cost-effective learning and development opportunities offered by the Workforce Council.

We specialise in learning opportunities that address the kinds of experiences, competencies and challenges relevant to workers in the health and community services industry.  Thousands of people attend our events and workshops each year to make positive improvements in their day-to-day work practices.

Get customised support

The Workforce Council’s expert facilitators are flexible and can deliver programs customised to meet individual learning styles, topic choices, skill levels and regional requirements. We support our clients to ensure their Workforce Development is responsive, evidence-based and meets real needs.

We can:

  • Design either simple or comprehensive development programs that help you deliver on your workforce plan, strategic plan or specific projects.
  • Facilitate or broker customised events, workshops or discussions designed to improve the capabilities of your team.
  • Create and implement strategies designed to:
    – establish a culture of continuous improvement in your organisation
    – maintain employee engagement in development programs
    – support the ongoing application of skills and knowledge gained.

We enable leaders and their teams to prepare for future changes, perform their job at the highest level, and achieve the goals they have set for themselves, their clients and the community.

Key development areas

Our consultants possess a variety of knowledge and experience across all sectors, underpinned by deep connections with industry, community and government to stay informed of current trends and issues.

We therefore have a breadth of information to draw on to create tailored workforce development for your organisation. The key areas we tend to help people improve include:

Creating an inclusive workplace
When you recognise and integrate diversity into the way you operate, you foster a more inclusive and cohesive workplace. We specialise in professional development that helps you understand and include Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives at work. Learn more.
Engagement & problem-solving techniques
Gain skills that enable you to readily facilitate or embed engagement principles in your events or projects. Discover a range of techniques that assist you to foster partnerships, build trust and participation, generate ideas and decisions, and better capture and apply learning.  Learn more.
HR & Organisational Development
Hone your skills in in developing high level business and talent management strategies, or boost your knowledge of foundational HR practices –we offer topics to guide you from the moment you identify a skills gap, through to advanced performance and retention tactics. Learn more.
Developing leadership qualities
Transform those that ‘manage’ people into confident mentors and decision-makers that can truly inspire and guide their teams, supporting the strategic goals of your organisation. Learn more.
Maintaining quality practices
We have specialist knowledge and tools available to support quality practice and service delivery in a range of sectors. Learn more.

Ask for a tailored solution

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