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The Workforce Council originated as Queensland’s Industry Training and Advisory Body (ITAB) for health and community services. “Community services and health ITABs are key industry contacts within each state and territory providing independent industry advice on training and skill needs to facilitate workforce development.” (CS&HISC; Our People: ITABS)

The world of Vocational Education and Training (VET) is equal parts exciting and challenging. With access to all the important information and contacts you need, we are here to help you harness the resources available to you through VET. By working with you, we can help you assess your workforce requirements, identify important opportunities, and upskill in a way that gets you closer to your ultimate career goal!

As part of a collaborative approach to increase benefit to industry, the Workforce Council and the Department of Education and Training are undertaking a VET Industry Engagement Program.

Designed to hear your input and to provide support throughout your experiences with the Vocational Education and Training system, we are here to collect your feedback, suggestions, and to provide you with advice.

We also help you, as an individual, to navigate the vast amount of information on VET to guide you as you explore career and training options within the health and community services industry.

The National VET system has seen significant reform over recent times, with a number of key changes to the structure. Here’s a little info to get started.

PDF: Vocational Education and Training System Overview 


Helpful Resources
Glossary of terms and acronyms
When it comes to learning about VET the first thing you will notice is the wide spread use of acronyms. Here’s a guide to help you understand the jargon.

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You may also find a number of useful documents in the ASQA Fact Sheet list.

If you are an RTO in the Metropolitan Brisbane Region, you could benefit from a free Department of Education and Training (DET) business process consultation. Call DET on 1800 210 210, and ask for the Metro region for Business Improvement assistance,  a review of how you are maintaining your contractual obligations around record keeping and documentation. Don’t forget to mention you got the details from the Workforce Council website!

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Brochure: Discover Vocational Education and Training 
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  • Information on traineeships, including funding. We recommend visiting the Skills Gateway website, the website put together by the Department of Education, Training and Employment, containing information. on all funded programs offered under the VET Investment Plan.
  • Support  services for traineeships. Visit the Australian Government Apprenticeships website for information on apprenticeship services, roles and responsibilities and more.
Brochure: Invest in Vocational Education and Training 
Training Ombudsman
  • For the purposes of providing definition, Quality Training, according to the Training Ombudsman, means to “meet or exceed the customers expectation”.
  • The Training Ombudsman is a National entity for any training related complaints and is available to everyone, it is not a student specific complaints service.  For any concerns related to the quality of training or training provider, contact the Training Ombudsman in the first instance, at: Email: [email protected]
    Phone: 1800 773 048
    Mail: PO Box 15090, City East 4002

Complete a complaints form (PDF, 263KB) and send by email or post.

More information about the Ombudsman can be found here:

A few more resources to help you navigate VET

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Let us help you. Contact us on 1800 112 585 for advice and support to guide you through the process.

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