Stand out in the Crowd – two new workshops to get you ready for a new career as a self-employed worker

As the NDIS rolls out across Queensland there are growing opportunities for self-employed workers to find their market.

The NDIS is transforming the way disability services are funded and delivered, and with NDIS participants now able to choose their providers and support arrangements, providers need to get ready to work in an open, competitive market environment. Providers that offer quality, innovation and flexibility will be in a position to attract new clients, as well as deliver better services to their existing clients.

Choosing to become self-employed is a big decision, will that individual who requires support choose you to provide it?  Why would they?  What are you offering and how will you stand out in a competitive space?  How will you maintain your market share?

Two workshops coming up in October and November in Brisbane get you ready for these opportunities by exploring the key concepts of developing a business identity and promoting yourself professionally. Not only that but you will be provided with a list of valuable resources to put your learning into action.

Developing a business brand is all about authenticity and building trust between yourself and your supporters; in other words, your potential customer needs to know, like and trust you. Once you do that it’s about reaching the right people and providing great service to ensure their loyalty.

These two workshops are delivered by Marcela Ramirez, an experienced content marketer and long-term community sector worker. Marcela has made the leap from worker to business woman and she’s keen to share her secrets and strategies with you. For more information on these workshops or to register visit:

Creating a Standout Business Identity –

All Eyes on Me: Promoting Yourself Professionally –

If there is interest, we are happy to provide these workshops in other locations or online. Please give us a call on 1800 112 585 if you would like to provide suggestions.