Representing the Health and Community Services Workforce

The Workforce Council is the peak body for health and community services industry workforces in Queensland.  The health and community services industry includes a wide variety of sectors whose primary goal is to support individual and community wellbeing through a range of care, support, education, welfare and related services.  The Industry exists in every community throughout Queensland, providing services across the population, often focussing on meeting the needs of the sick, frail, vulnerable and at risk members of the community.

The Workforce Council analysis of intelligence and reporting of research and workforce data from both state and national sources is intended to keep industry up-to-date on current workforce trends.

Industry Data – credible, reliable and accessible

Issues of skills and workforce development are often overlooked in the busyness of the day-to-day operations of service delivery in the Health and Community Services Industry.

The Workforce Council’s expertise and history in the Industry means that (in addition to economic and data analysis) we are able to overlay strategic policy and business agendas to develop a fulsome understanding of future demand and supply strategies and constraints.  We provide credible, Industry informed and supported, advice to allow industry and government to make informed decisions regarding workforce and skills and training for best return on investment in the Health and Community Services Industry.

In order to keep our resources current and relevant we regularly consult with organisations from across all regions throughout Queensland and across sectors to support collaboration and information sharing as well as the development of shared solutions.

How we can support you

We strive to deliver value in supporting you to research, plan and develop your region, your organisation and your people. The Workforce Council provides intelligence for the health and community services industry in an environment in which policy and business shifts occur at a rapid rate.

By accessing Workforce Council research and data industry stakeholders are provided with relevant and updated information, intelligence, data and analysis at various levels of complexity in order to develop an accurate and informed picture of their industry, sector or workforce.

The Workforce Council is able to provide comprehensive and user friendly resources which outline the following:

  • Occupational Growth projections for the industry as a whole and by occupation
  • Occupations and Qualifications in demand
  • Impact of part-time working arrangements
  • Impacts of contestable training market
  • Drivers of skills including: Policy reforms and demographic changes
  • Extent of skills shortages
  • Regional disparity in skill supply

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Our research capability

The Workforce Council supports and works in collaboration with organisations and industry to identify and fill data and intelligence gaps.  Using this approach we have developed unique capacity to work with industry and provide reliable resources developed through best practice methods making us a highly specialised and trusted intelligence provider.

All responses developed by the Workforce Council are supported by data and research and validated throughout continual engagement with industry.