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Recruiting trainees does not have to be a struggle!

Attention all staff from health and community services who are involved in recruiting processes and growing teams. Don’t just “make do” or “get by”! If your team needs extra staff to carry out the services of your organization, take the steps today to get the trainee support you need tomorrow.

If you’re amongst the 61% of Health and Community Services providers who have reported difficulty in recruiting staff, or amongst the 47% who identified difficulties in retaining them*, this is your opportunity to gather fresh ideas and re-invigorate your recruiting techniques!

Talk to us for tips on everything from free recruitment channels, to tools for shortlisting and screening to get the best traineeship candidates.

Of course, recruiting is but the first step in building your team. Staff turnover is costly and exhausting! Invest your time and resources not only into finding the right trainee, but also in keeping that person! Like any business decision you make, you want to ensure you have good return on investment.

We offer suggestions that are easy to implement to better retain your service’s most important assets – your team.

Contact the Workforce Council at or 1800 112 585 to talk about making your recruitment trouble-free.

*Statistics as provided from the CS&HISC 2015 Environmental Scan, full report can be viewed at