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Quality training essential for a quality Childcare workforce

“Quality training and a ready workforce is important in the childcare sector,” said Health and Community Services Workforce Council, Acting Executive Director, Laura Barnes in response to this morning’s Radio National interview.

“Despite the consistent approach of national training package and national competencies, the quality of delivery across the sector remains varied, leaving some new graduates under-prepared for the workforce,” Ms Barnes said.

“The Workforce Council has for some time been highlighting the need for industry involvement in monitoring the quality of training for the sector, which can include the development of industry benchmarks to support best quality outcomes for students and build a strong and ready Childcare workforce.

“Such benchmarks would help audit and registration bodies to understand and implement industry standards, and the currency of industry trainers for qualification levels in the Childcare Sector,” she said.

Ms Barnes said it is important to recognise that base level qualifications and traditional accredited and non-accredited training tend to focus on the development of core skills and competencies.

“While baseline qualifications are appropriate, unfortunately in some instances training does not always support or reflect the ongoing and complex needs of the workforce,” she said.

“The emergence of best-practice and quality frameworks in the Childcare Sector is causing an increase in demand for learning outcomes to support the complex needs of individual children and families.

A growing fee for service market means a greater need for industry and employer involvement in accredited training to ensure quality, industry relevance and currency.

Ms Barnes said Registered Training Organisations that are competing for business should remain cognisant of, and driven by, industry needs at all time.


This release was issued following coverage on Radio National on 11/09/14