Professional Development In-service Workshops and Services

If you are looking for professional development delivered at your service or venue at a time to suit you, our in-services are a great place to start.

Our in-services are focused on our most popular topics, the ones that are requested over and over again.

Some of our offerings are specifically targeted at specific sectors however most focus on areas that are applicable across all sector types for example, managing conflict, mentoring or reflective practice. We are always reviewing and building on our list of offerings so please let us know if there is something missing and remember, if it isn’t on the list it doesn’t mean we can’t do it. We have a wide range of topics available and an extensive list of experienced facilitators across various topic areas.

We also offer ‘Dream Big’ and group facilitation processes to support your service to develop and achieve goals or work with teams or groups.
We can also work with our service to develop a comprehensive professional development plan and the ‘Dream Big’ process is a great way to get this started.

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Coaching & Mentoring


The Coaching & Mentoring workshop provides current and emerging leaders with a foundational understanding of how coaching and mentoring relationships can build the capacity of individuals and teams


PDF: Coaching & Mentoring




Group Facilitation Services

There are a variety of scenarios in which external facilitation might be required. Maybe you would like someone to host reflective conversations to build cohesion? Maybe it’s support to manage a challenging conversation? Supporting your team through a decision making process or simply hosting a team meeting. Whatever the reason, we have a number of highly skilled group facilitators ready to work with you.

PDF: Group Facilitation Services




Dream Big


Dream Big workshops are an opportunity to imagine and create for a future that energises and excites you? Dream Big workshops draw on the Appreciative Inquiry approach, taking your leadership team or group out of their everyday patterns of thinking and planning to tap into their full potential.

PDF: Dream Big







Difficult Conversations & Working with Conflict


A capacity to embrace conflict and deal with irritations and differing opinions early promotes a positive organizational culture and builds a professional learning community. This workshop will build your skills and confidence in approaching difficult conversations and managing conflict effectively.

PDF: Difficult Conversations & Working with Conflict






Working with Complex & Challenging Clients

The aim of this workshop is to assist direct service workers and helpings in their work with complex and at times challenging clients. The workshop builds understanding of issues faced by complex or challenging clients and explores a range of practical strategies for support as well as managing your own self-care. This workshop can also be ‘tweaked’ to suit working with difficult staff groups.

PDF: Working with Complex & Challenging Clients





Core Skills for Leadership


Taking on a management role requires workers to up their game and draw on a new set of skills needed to lead others. This two day workshop is designed for those in team leader, coordinator, manager, director, supervisor and group leader roles. It offers an introduction to core knowledge and understanding necessary to build confidence and skill in meeting the needs of your team, service or client group.

PDF: Core Skills for Leadership


Reflective Practice

Practicing critical reflection supports us to think differently about our day to day roles and opens doors to purposeful ways of acting, speaking and thinking. This workshop explores the differences between reflection and critical reflection and builds on the participants current reflective processes to extend their framework for critical thinking.

PDF: Reflective Practice





Guiding Children’s Behaviour



Guiding Children’s Behaviour is one of our most requested sessions! And for good reason, humans are complex and many factors influence behavior. This workshop is about breaking down all of the factors including our image of the child and assessing expectations of and influences to the behavior, as well as exploring a range of practical strategies.

PDF: Guiding Children’s Behaviour





Assessment & Rating Support (Children’s Services)

Not sure how to start preparing for assessment or reassessment? Assessment & Rating support is about guiding your quality improvement journey so you can best prepare for assessment. This professional development is about guiding your quality improvement journey so you can best prepare for assessment.

PDF: Assessment & Rating (Children’s Services)






Philosophy and Quality Improvement Plan (Children’s Services)


This workshop will guide your team from an understanding of the service philosophy through to the practicality of fulfilling your Quality Improvement Plan. This workshop will assist your service to build your understanding of the importance of the service philosophy in terms of a guild for practice and for building understanding, team cohesion.


PDF: Philosophy and Quality Improvement Plan (Children’s Services)





Documenting Children’s Learning (Children’s Services)


Under the NQF educators must document each child’s program and progress as part of an ongoing cycle of planning, documenting and evaluation. This workshop pulls apart what makes documentation meaningful, how and how much and makes links to theory and practice.


PDF: Documenting Children’s Learning (Children’s Services)






Deadly Cards Intentional Yarns

deadly cards circles

To help support incorporating the Deadly Cards in your program, practice and ongoing learning environment we have developed a two hour introductory workshop. In this workshop we weave the Deadly Cards into the facilitation to give you some ideas on how you can actively utilise them in workplaces and other environments.

Document: Deadly Cards Intentional Yarns 


PDF: Deadly Cards Intentional Yarns

Workplace Culture –  Be the best you can be

Workplace Culture

Time to make the space to help get your workplace culture right so that you can be the best team you can be and provide the best service to
your client group. The ‘Workplace Culture’ workshop is an in-service specifically for teams who are in need of some invigoration and motivation.


PDF: Workplace Culture




*Please note that as an in-service workshop you are responsible for providing the venue and any catering requirements.