Workforce Planning Series – Be bold and design your future (Future forecasting and design)

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Workforce Planning Series

Join the Health and Community Services Workforce Council for this four part Workforce Planning series designed to help you create sustainability in your workforce.  You can enrol in the whole workshop series or for individual workshops.

All together, the Workforce Planning series will support you to:

  • Analyse industry and labour market trends and predictions
  • Link workforce objectives with business plans
  • Plan workforce strategies to achieve your organisational goals and objectives
  • Determine and meet the education and training needs of your workers
  • Design strategies and succession plans.


The four workshops that make up the Workforce Planning series are:

  1. Planning to plan: setting off on the right foot and bringing everyone with you  (Scope & Engage)
  2. Be bold and design your future (Forecast and design)
  3. Build an understanding of your current workforce (Understand and Analyse)
  4. From words to action – Bringing plans to life (Prioritise and Strategise; Implement and Monitor & Evaluate the Plan)

These workshop can be attended as a series for $990 or as individual workshops  at our current rate.

Participants who complete the whole series are eligible to submit assessment for the Workforce Planning Skill Set CHCSS0065.


Be bold and design your future (Forecast and Design)

In a constantly changing environment you can either be constantly swept up or you can spend time exploring where you want your organisation to be in the future so you can make plans to get there.

Future forecasting involves scanning the horizon, exploring data and developing possible future scenarios.  We will be using participatory processes which can be applied in your organisations to draw on the knowledge across your stakeholders and keep them engaged in the broader planning process.  We will also explore strategies that allow us to step out of the present so that we can imagine our future service delivery and in turn our future workforce.

Key elements:

  • Future forecasting
  • Data gathering
  • Scenario planning
  • Participatory processes

This one day workshop is part one of the of the  ‘Workforce Planning’ four part series. See Parts 2-4 below.

Part 1- Planning to plan: setting off of the right foot and bringing everyone with you

Part 3 – Building an understanding of your current workforce

Part 4 – From words to action – bringing plans to life

Presenter Biography
Louise Villanova

Louise has been employed at the Workforce Council since 2010. Louise brings with her over 20 years experience from a range of sectors within Community Services. Through much of this time Louise has had a focus on building the capacity of the community services industry through sector development and more recently workforce planning.

Louise has recently undertaken an project within the Workforce Council to develop a Workforce Plan for the four Medicare Locals within South East Queensland as well as supporting Early Childhood Education and Care services to develop workforce plans to respond to the growing and changing needs within their organisations.