Rainbow Neighbourhood – Creating Diverse & Inclusive Organisations – Logan Redlands

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Fitzy’s Convention Centre

Bryants Road & Pacific Hwy
Loganholme, QLD, AU 4129

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Who are our families and clients and what are their stories?  ‘Rainbow Neighbourhood’ is all about building knowledge and understanding of the wonderfully diverse people who make up our society.  It is about asking questions, hearing stories and considering how we might work better together. We invite you to join us at ‘Rainbow Neighbourhood’ to explore how you may become a facilitator of connections, a builder of relationships and an agent of change working together for an inclusive society where everyone feels welcome and appreciated. This day is suitable for anyone working with children and families in children’s services, community services and health services, or with an interest in inclusion more generally.


This will be a thought provoking and challenging event.  Anyone interested in thinking deeply and working towards a more inclusive society is encouraged to attend.

Stan Grant – ‘We can do better Australia’
Stan Grant is the author of ‘Talking to My Country’ a story not just about race, or indigenous people but all of us and our shared identity.  Stan does not have all the answers and he wants people to keep on asking, ‘how can we be better?’ this is what ‘Rainbow Neighbourhood’ is all about.  Stan will share with us his insights on the question of Australia as a multicultural safe haven of equal opportunity and the prevalence of racism.

Provocation:  Questioner:  How are we to treat others?  ‘Ramana Maharshi: there are no others’ Discuss
Felicity McArdle will host our ‘Conversation & Cuppa’ discussion.  Our discussion contributors are Dr Red Ruby Scarlet, Dr Prasanna Srinivasan, Stephen Gallen, Valmae Rose and YOU, the audience.  This conversation process is a tried and true strategy that supports the public building of knowledge and thinking.  Audience members as well as panellists will, together, build knowledge and thinking about inclusion…… give some thought to the provocation in preparation for the day…

The afternoon will include the opportunity to move into smaller groups to discuss, consider and explore inclusion from a range of perspectives.  Special guests will share their stories and lead deeper reflection.

We will end our day with an ‘Open Space’ conversation hosted by Valmae Rose.  This session will allow us to engage more deeply and creatively about the issues that we have explored during the day.  The agenda for the discussions in these groups will be set by the participants.


QA7: Leadership and Service Management.
PS7 engage professionally with colleagues, parents/carers and the community


Presenter Biography
Dr Prasanna Srinivasan

Dr Prasanna Srinivasan:

Prasanna Srinivasan is currently working as a lecturer in the education faculty at Monash University. Her teaching and research interests include surfacing the complexities of engaging with juxtaposed discourses of multiculturalism and nationalism in educational settings using critical race and postcolonial theories. In the past she has been working as a Research Fellow at the Equity and Childhood Program, Youth Research Centre, MGSE, The University of Melbourne. She has extensive experience in critical research that inquires the interactions between cultures, languages and power in current socio-political settings. She specifically inquires the ideological colonization of subjective identities, and its role on identity performances.

Valmae Rose

Valmae Rose

Since graduating as an Occupational Therapist in 1983, Valmae has worked in the human service field in a range of policy and practice roles across Queensland, New South Wales, and the Northern Territory.  Working as a consultant, she created a suite of accredited training for the disability sector, developed a competency based wage system for workers with disability, and designed and implemented a range of organisational development and evaluation projects.  Valmae is most proud of her work leading the development of the Blue Skies Vision for an Inclusive Community and lobbying efforts to improve resourcing and policy in the disability sector.  Her current focus is on social innovation and supporting people to build the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to navigate our complex human service system, and be involved in the life of their community.

Stephen Gallen

Stephen has nearly 25 years’ experience  in the early childhood field, across all service types, but with a focus in long day care.  He has also been delivering professional development in the field for over a decade.  He was a founding member of the QUT Student Guild Kelvin Grove Centre (School St), and has been working with emergent curriculum and related perspectives for many years.  He is interested in how childcare professionals and children find meaning in their work together using documentation.

Stephen Gallen has worked with a focus on pioneering and developing Emergent Curriculum and Reggio Emilia inspired programs in Brisbane.  He has also worked in delivering professional development with Gowrie, TAFE and QUT.

Dr Red Ruby Scarlet

Dr Red Ruby Scarlet is has worked in early childhood for over 25 years. She is an artist, an academic and an activist. She has consulted on and developed early childhood policy, practice, curriculum internationally and has published widely. Her unique place in the field as a creative, teacher-researcher and leader enables her to bring together all of the influencing dimensions that shape early childhood. She is the Creative Director of MultiVerse – an education, inclusion and arts consultancy.

Professor Felicity McArdle

Felicity McArdle is Associate Professor at Charles Sturt University, Faculty of Education, as well as Adjunct A/Professor at QUT, School of Early Childhood.   She is proud to have been a teacher for many years, and has taught young children in before school settings, children in the early years of Primary schooling, children in their final year of Primary schooling, university undergrad and postgrad students. She also supervises scholars to completion with Masters and PhD degrees.

Stan Grant

In July 2015 Stan Grant, presenter and International Editor of Sky News in Australia wrote a piece for the Guardian Australia condemning the booing of Adam Goodes, an Indigenous man, Australian of the Year and Australian rules footballer. Grant wrote: ‘to Adam’s ears, the ears of so many Indigenous people, these boos are a howl of humiliation.  A howl that echoes across two centuries of invasion, dispossession and suffering’. The article electrified debate about our country’s treatment of its Indigenous people. The reaction encouraged Stan, the son of a Wiradjuri man and Kamilaroi woman, to change his career path and he now finds himself focussing on sharing his own story; the Indigenous Australian story. Stan later became the Indigenous Affairs Editor of Guardian Australia and Managing Director of National Indigenous Television.  He is also considering a career in politics.