Physical Spaces to Stimulate Bodies and Minds in Outside School Hours Care Settings – Mackay

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Ocean International

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Illawong Beach, QLD, AU 4740

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What’s it about

Creating a successful environment in an Outside School Hours Setting requires thoughtful planning and consideration as it sets the scene for quality interactions and learning. This professional conversation supports those working in the OSHC sector to build their understanding of how physical play spaces support children’s learning and engagement.

We know that children learn best when their whole bodies and minds are stimulated and engaged and this professional conversation will explore how the environment can supports this. In this session photo and video provocations will be used to challenge and inspire participants thinking about all things QA3: Physical Environments in the OSHC context.

By examining what is happening internationally and locally as well as cross sector and looking at various age groups, we can use critical reflection to ensure our physical play spaces are honouring our stakeholders in our local contexts – inside and out as well as exploring together how we may overcome barriers in OSHC environments.


Specific Learning Outcomes

QA3: Physical Environment
PS1: Know students and how they learn
PS4: Create and maintain supportive and safe learning

  • Reflected individually and collectively on a range of physical environments
  • Increased understanding of pedagogy and theory in regard to the environment
  • Explored possibilities for creating spaces to meet the needs of various stakeholders in the OSHC context
Presenter Biography
Rarni Rothwell

Rarni Rothwell is an educator who spent most of her 20 yr career working out of a school based service in regional Queensland.  Since beginning an Action Research journey in 2010, she has relished in sharing the profound insight this unique form of professional development offers, across various formal and informal formats.  Since mid 2014 she has explored her fascinations include reconnecting children with nature, capacity building through risk, embedding sustainable practices and creating beautiful environments for children, in a slightly different consultive context.  Rarni enjoys regularly collaborating, advocating and playing with her colleagues from across all early childhood education and care service types.