Mentoring and Coaching – Skills to Empower

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What’s it about

This is an introductory workshop aimed at building participants understanding of mentoring and coaching, how they are different and how they can be applied in the workplace.  We will explore the key points of each, which is appropriate for which situation and the key points essential for their use in the workplace.

This workshop is mapped to Element 5, CHCCOM504B, Develop, implement and promote effective workplace communication.  The centificate of evidence may be used as evidence for RPL.


Specific Learning Outcomes

Quality Area 7: Leadership and Service Management (National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education and Care and School Aged Care)

  • Develop an understanding of mentoring and coaching
  • Develop an understanding of the role of a coach or mentor
  • Develop an understanding of how and when coaching or mentoring should be used in the workplace.


Presenter Biography
Louise Villanova

Louise has been employed at the Workforce Council since 2010. Louise brings with her over 20 years experience from a range of sectors within Community Services. Through much of this time Louise has had a focus on building the capacity of the community services industry through sector development and more recently workforce planning.

Louise has recently undertaken an project within the Workforce Council to develop a Workforce Plan for the four Medicare Locals within South East Queensland as well as supporting Early Childhood Education and Care services to develop workforce plans to respond to the growing and changing needs within their organisations.