Lil’ Fi – Rhapsodaisy: Musical Learning, anyone can sing – Ipswich

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Metro Hotel Ipswich International

43 South Street
Ipswich, QLD, AU 4305

07 31772242

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What’s it about

Lil’ Fi – Rhapsodaisy, Legendary blues singer and Early Childhood music facilitator shares on integrating music into everyday learning.  This workshop will give you hands on skills for teaching  musically (yes even if you think you can’t sing). The benefits are numerous and immeasurable and Lil’ Fi is able to show your centre through a contagious joyous interactive workshop how to make instruments and how to teach musically. Endorsed by Maggie Dent, Lil’ Fi is one of the best and brings her hands on practical skills to you to use.   Lil’ Fi has had outstanding results with children on the autism spectrum and has a particular interest in this area. You come away with skills you can use immediately an improved understanding of the brain and how it responds to music.  “Anyone can sing!”

Specific Learning Outcomes

  • New skills in teaching musically  – how to teach music
  • An improved understanding of the brain and how it responds to music
  • Practical skills in using music every day

QA1: Educational Program and Practice

PS1: Know students and how they learn

PS2: Know the content and how to teach it

PS3: Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning


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Presenter Biography
Lil’ Fi

Lil’ Fi – Multi award winning musician with over 25 years in the music industry and now an early years educator with over 170 children per week in her care. Lil’ Fi is endorsed by Maggie Dent and has toured and taught hundreds of educators how to teach musically. A joyous and engaging hands on workshop that gives you practical skills to use at home with your kids and for your centre.