PraXis Makes Perfect Q&A – Perspectives on Pedagogy with Desley Jones

In the lead-up to the PraXis Makes Perfect conference, we have been getting to know some of our wonderful presenters. This week we focus on Theme 2 – Perspectives on Pedagogy, and do a Q&A with Desley Jones, nominated supervisor and fulltime teacher at Ballymore Kindergarten.

What sets your service apart from other services?
We are a small community kindergarten in an inner-north suburb of Brisbane. We have a diverse client population due to our proximity to the CBD, a major teaching hospital, a university and a mixed-use urban village.

Tell me about your perspective on ‘Creating a Caring Community of Learners’. What has changed in your service for children?
Our kindergarten curriculum is underpinned by a recognition that positive relationships are the foundation for all areas of a child’s development and learning. The framework – Creating a Caring Community of Learners – influences all of our intentional teaching decisions.

Do you think it is difficult to create change and be spontaneous in an early learning setting?
I believe early childhood practitioners need to be continually reflecting on, and accounting for, their teaching decisions. We need to make these decisions with reference to our educational philosophy and current research as well as the individual interests and needs of the children and families with whom we work. With so much exposure to high quality professional development, there is great support available to help us reflect, challenge, change and explain pedagogy.

In a nutshell, what will you be presenting on at the PraXis Makes Perfect Conference?
I will be presenting a brief overview of the framework for intentional teaching for relationships – Creating a Caring Community of Learners – highlighting the research and theoretical foundations of the 6 elements of the framework, and sharing some examples of these elements in action in early education.

Desley will be presenting at the Praxis Makes Perfect: Perspectives on Pedagogy conference. If you haven’t already registered, click here to visit the conference web page. 

Next week: Theme 3 – Inclusion and Diversity.