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Planning for the Future of the Disability Sector

It’s now under a year to go until the transition to the NDIS, and there is an increasing need for services to think about the future and start planning for what is to come. As well, the reality is that many services are even now experiencing immense challenges in attracting, recruiting and retaining quality staff.

Planning your workforce can help to ensure that you have the right people and that you achieve a professional, sustainable workforce with the right skills to deliver quality services to individuals, families, and communities.

When it comes to the NDIS, it is crucial that correct strategic workforce planning takes place now, rather than a late scramble to have a prepared workforce when the NDIS is on the doorstep.

Stacy Field heads up Workforce Planning at the Workforce Council, and says that there will still be plenty of unknowns even in July next year, but that she is certain that smooth transitions will benefit from thoughtful, strategic preparation and informed forecasting of workforce issues and trends.

“A year may seem a long time to some, but we have been working with some services since 2013, and they are now getting to a stage where they are confident in their workforce transition plans,” she said.

“The changes that the NDIS will bring will be huge. It is estimated that an extra 13,000 jobs will be created as a result of the NDIS over the next five years in multiple locations.

“Not only will there be a significant increase in the number of jobs created, but also in the different types of jobs.

“Moving to a client directed care model will thoroughly change the game, and the new roles created will be related to new ways of working, and will be much more responsive to clients’ needs.”

Stacy and her team have been supporting numerous services working in the disability sector to plan their shift to the NDIS.

“The workforce planning we have been doing is optimising the likelihood of a trouble-free transition for many services,” Stacy said.

“We can help to prepare services for the NDIS through Strategic Workforce Plans, Workforce Development Plans, Workforce Plan Implementation and Mentoring, and many other planning solutions.”

To find out more about the Workforce Council’s tailored workforce planning solutions, please click here to visit our Workforce Planning Page.