Meet your new look Workforce Council

The Workforce Council has had a make-over.

Like many of you, the Workforce Council has been working on our strategy for the future.  We are committed to supporting the delivery of health and community services across Queensland through a range of services that support effective workforce planning and development across the industry.

This is work that we have been doing for a couple of years now, but we have spent the past six months working with heavily with Sarah Archer at Bow & Arrow, who has taken us through a process of looking at our products and services, and helped the team to package them so you get optimum value.

While we were at it, we gave our branding a slight polish. The good folk at Bow & Arrow have spent a lot of time with us, unpacking the essence of our brand, its personality and values, and helped us turn that into a sharp new visual identity.

We still sport the well-recognised and much-enamoured Workforce Council shades of green – and don’t forget the all-important circle – but it’s now wrapped up in the integrity of white space and strong fonts that reflect our foundations as capacity builders and industry champions.

Workforce Council Acting Executive Director, Laura Barnes, said: “all across the industry we are seeing organisations take a critical look at their business model.  The Workforce Council is no different.  We are known as an organisation that energises our clients, partners and stakeholders to work well together through innovation, expertise and integrity. We are applying this strength to our business services and representing them through our visual identity.”

The Workforce Council’s story has many more pages yet to be written. It’s a journal we look forward to sharing with you as we continue driving a strong and viable Health and Community Services workforce.