LDCPDP – Use it or lose it!

June 2017 will mark the end of the federal government’s Long Day Care Professional Development Programme (LDCPDP). It is important for services to note that their final report, outlining the use of their funds, will be due within three months of this program ending. So, if you haven’t been spending your LDCPDP funds – now is the time to get moving!

As this program has been the government’s biggest single investment in the professional development of Long Day Care (LDC) educators, it is vital for services to make good use of these funds before the end of June and invest in professional development that will equip their teams with the kinds of skills that will serve them into the future.

Since the LDCPDP was first announced in 2014, we have had services approaching us about how to use these funds wisely. As Queensland’s funded professional development provider for 10 years, the Workforce Council has extensive experience getting to the core of what it is that will move your service forward, and creating a PD Package of in-service workshops to fulfil your team’s needs.

Our packages are tailored to your service’s needs; meaning timing, content and frequency are all up to you. If you already have some ideas about what you’d like to do, we can work with you from that point, but if you’re looking at your PD budget and thinking “where do we start?” we can begin there.

While cultural capability – particularly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander inclusion – is close to our heart, we also provide extensive professional development programs that span across leadership, HR, teamwork, critical reflection, documentation and curriculum.

There is also strong evidence that indicates that if you wish to make a real impact through professional development, ongoing learning is the most effective way to do so.  Action Research is an approach that extends over a period of time. It provides opportunities for participants to assess their own and their service’s needs and work towards them by making plans, creating change, reflecting, and sharing.  You can register right now and pay for this year’s Action Research Project –  ‘Taking a Stand – Connecting Social Justice, Inclusion, Equity and Advocacy within Practice’.  Applications close on 24th February 2017 and the program commences on 21st June 2017.

For more information, please call our team on 1800 112 585, or email us at [email protected]

Click here to register for the upcoming Action Research Project – ‘Taking a Stand – Connecting Social Justice, Inclusion, Equity and Advocacy within Practice.

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I just did not realise the impact it would have on me professionally, personally. It really has been amazing. Participation in this evolved into something so much more than we dreamed of. The journey has deepened our knowledge of our Aboriginal history and way of living and being. It has also strengthened our community relationships. Our facilitators were amazing mentors and the participants committed and passionate.

– Narelle Dawson, Bribie Island Community Kindy, Standing Up for a Natural Childhood, Action Research Project, 2016

Making an investment into Professional Development for our educators is our responsibility to ensure that we continue to stay at the cutting edge of early childhood education and care. When Griffith University Tallowwood and Boronia were approved for LDCPDP Funding I met with my educators to work on their own individual professional development plan and we discussed the best way to utilise this funding to ensure new found knowledge is filtered down to our educators, children, families and the community. There was only one organisation that I contacted and that of course was Workforce Council. Stacey and the team were so accommodating and we spent some time consulting and constructing a yearly plan of professional development for my educators. We have booked in training covering topics such as Attachment; Looking at the Environment; Guiding Behaviour; Anyone can sing; Documentation; Embedding Indigenous Perspectives; Sustainability; Occupational Therapy; The Resilient Educator; A child’s Agency, Inclusive Practice. This has been included on our Quality Improvement Plan which supports our service philosophy to ensure each child reaches their full potential. I would highly recommend Workforce Council for all of your training needs as the service and support is outstanding.

– Caitlin Deakes, Manager/Educational Leader, Griffith University Tallowwood and Boronia Child Care Centre