Insightful, emotional, enlightening, amazing – that’s Yarn Up Tok Blo Yumi

Sometimes, understanding comes in the form of clarifying vague ideas and reaching an “Aha!” moment. Other times, it emerges suddenly and shines light on a blind spot that we may or may not have known was there. It is a powerful thing to reach understanding, and it can take courage and an open mind to hear and learn certain lessons. The learning, however, is its own reward, and we are more enriched and experienced for it.

The Yarn Up Tok Blo Yumi (talk together – talk belongs to you and me) action learning sessions have been run by the Workforce Council since 2009, and are designed to build a culturally competent and inclusive learning community where participants enquire into and explore current workplace practices. This in turn delivers support to embed the principles, practices and outcomes of the learning frameworks.

Over 700 people have participated in a Yarn Up Tok Blo Yumi program over the years, and it is a wonderful compliment for the presenting team when participants articulate what doing the program has meant to them, and how it has improved their praxis.

After completing the program recently, one participant said:

The Yarn Up Tok Blo Yumi was enlightening, eye opening, the biggest wake up for me was the lack of my own education in regard to First Nation People. The meaning and importance of the land to the people. We had some major highs and some major lows throughout the sessions. They were extremely well run, the facilitators and invited guests were amazing. Contacts and information were offered and shared over the eight sessions. Would highly recommend to anyone.”

Another said:

This was one of the most amazing training opportunities I have had in the past 14 years. Insightful, interesting, emotional, challenging, and enlightening. The team that organised and facilitated the delivery was amazing, all of the elders brought us so much more than any book ever could, the honesty, the passion, the humour, the sadness, the hope, and the stories. A truly deadly experience!”

Every Yarn Up Tok Blo Yumi group is different and facilitates different conversation, but anyone who is thinking of taking part can look forward to thoughtful guidance, honest and safe sharing, and practical inspiration for building a culturally competent and inclusive learning community.

To find out more about Yarn Up Tok Blo Yumi, please click here to visit our ‘Inclusive Workplace’ page, or to find an upcoming program near you, search our Events and Workshops page for “Yarn Up Tok Blo Yumi”.