Our Industry

We represent a large variety of sectors whose primary goal is to support individual and community well-being through a range of care, support, education, welfare and related services. The Health and Community Services Industry is:

  • The largest employer in Queensland – 284,700 persons employed representing 12.2% of the total employed persons.
  • The third largest economic contributor in the state – contributing over $20.6B to the State’s economy in 2012-13.
  • The fastest growing industry – growing over 32.5% over the past decade, more than double that of all other industries.
  • A strong future employer – projected ongoing growth rate of 7.2% to 2018-19 resulting in over 22,000 additional jobs in this period.

The following categories provide a broad overview of the sectors we represent:

Aged and Community Care Services
Children’s Services
Child Protection Services
Community Services
Community Mental Health
Disability Services
Hospitals and Other Health
Primary Health Care
Social and Community Housing
Youth Services