The success of the Workforce Council comes down to connecting with people. We work across Queensland’s Health and Community Services Industry to empower the workforce and energise its potential. We support its sustainable development, at every level, in all occupations and in every kind of workplace. We engage with individuals and service providers, organisations and government, leaders and industry participants so that people are connected, developed and supported. We have the networks to make sure the Health and Community Services Industry has a seat at the table where important decisions are made.

Our own people are experts in research, analysis and forecasting, program design, skills development, education, mentoring, coaching and training. It is our ability to personalise and tailor workforce planning and development solutions that helps us to help you work well.

We work with workforce and industry champions to support workforce planning and development programs. We deliver programs through our own teams and work closely with preferred industry partners. We support our clients, so that their planning and strategy development is responsive, evidence-based and meets real needs.

By ensuring the participation of all, we build capacity and support sustainability.

We are a trusted partner who energises all stakeholders in the industry through innovation, expertise and integrity to be connected and work well together.

We innovate and influence

get-connectedAs leaders, we take our role very seriously. We connect across Queensland, leveraging workforce potential by creating new networks with governments, industry, education and training providers, professional bodies, communities, organisations, workplaces and workers.
To ensure our industry participants have a seat at the table, a major part of the Workforce Council effort is to stay ahead of industry trends, represent stakeholders and lead policy development. This helps to ensure that workforce planning and development in the health and community services industry is informed, collaborative and delivers for the individuals, families and communities we support.

The things we do that connect you:

Industry connections

Our performance record gives us a respected voice in our industry and means we are able to promote policy change and improve outcomes.

Sector engagement

We collaborate closely and regularly with sector stakeholders to listen, share and support.

Critical research

We have the expertise, the connections and the industry insights to gather, collate and analyse evidence to inform policy, program and strategy development.

Industry intelligence

We regularly publish key data and release an annual Skills and Workforce Development Report, sharing information to support policy and workforce development.

Innovative planning

Our Strategic Workforce Planning Framework is an innovative approach to workforce planning and development designed specifically for our industry.

Practical support

Our highly skilled facilitators use a range of group work techniques to bring people together to generate fresh thinking and create shared commitment to solving critical challenges.


Membership of the Workforce Council will connect you with government, industry, regions, organisations, individuals and communities to shape the future of Queensland’s Health and Community Services workforce.


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