Bus Tour

Easter Outback Adventure?

We’re going on a road trip. What thoughts does that idea conjure up for you?  Cranky children, greasy food, Princess Elsa singing ‘let it go, let it go’ over and over again?  Well, keep reading because our road trip is nothing like that.  Firstly, your children are not invited; neither are the children at your childcare centre, your partner, the annoying man next door or the dog. This road trip is all about YOU!

So, I hear you say ‘who is going on this road trip?’, glad you asked; Caroline Fewster, Stephen Gallen, Marg Sear, the peeps from Nature Play Qld and a group of children’s services professionals  looking for a unique experience and inspiration.

Imagine, three days travelling across the outback with a bus full of like-minded people stopping at a variety of services that have spent two years working together for a sustainable future for early childhood in the outback.  These services really are in the middle of nowhere. They are unique and face challenges you couldn’t even begin to imagine, but they have persevered to make sustainability a reality, and they want to share their ideas with you.

This bus trip is more though than show and tell and it’s a long way between bus stops.  So we will keep you busy on the bus with PD, professional conversations and videos.  It’s not all work though. We will make sure you have plenty of time to chat, laugh, look at the beautiful scenery, visit tourist attractions, such as the Thompson River and Age of Dinosaurs, and get to know each other.

So, if you feel the need to be reinvigorated, to connect with people who inspire and challenge you, if you’re bored with Easter in a tent at the beach or you really just want some fresh ideas and new friends, you know what to do.

The ticket office closes very soon and there is a seat on that bus waiting for you.

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