Constitutional Membership

Constitutional Membership is free and forms the foundation of the Workforce Council’s governance structure. Join with like-minded people to actively participate in industry consultations and policy responses.

If you care about:

  • supporting our work
  • help us strengthen good governance to ensure better outcomes for our industry. There are various opportunities to be actively involved through representing your sector on our Industry Representative Group, or become elected to our Board.

We want our Constitutional Members to represent the spectrum of employer groups, peak bodies, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups, remote and regional organisations, and unions to create authentic representative processes.

Apply Now (Please note: applications must be approved by the Board before being finalised)

Our Constitution

Constitutional Members commit to upholding and abiding by our constitution. Please take the time to review it before you apply.

PDF: Workforce Council Constitution

Who is eligible for Constitutional Membership?

There are two sub-categories of Constitutional Membership.

Full Member

This category is limited to corporate bodies or organisations that are separately constituted.  Full members:

  • have voting rights at the AGM and the right to vote on Constitutional amendments.
  • must nominate a representative as their primary representative who holds the right to vote on behalf of that member.
  • are able to nominate to and vote for representatives on the Industries Reference Group.

Organisations eligible for full membership of the Association shall include the following:

  • employer organisations whose business is related to the Industries in Queensland;
  • unions representing, or being deemed to have coverage of, employees working in the Industries in Queensland;
  • state-wide peak organisations operating with the Industries in Queensland;
  • community service and/or health organisations separately constituted and operating in Queensland;
  • government agencies whose activities relate to the community services and/or health Industries or to education and training or workforce development; and
  • Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander community services and/or health organisations operating in the Industries in Queensland.
Associate Member

Associate members are those members who are sub components of a corporate or institutional member and who are not separately constituted or organisations that provide support to the industry but are not directly engaged in the provision of health or community services.

Associate members do not have voting rights.