Budget Boost for QLD’s health and community services

The Health and Community Services Workforce Council (Workforce Council) has welcomed Tuesday’s Queensland budget announcement of a strong commitment to investment in jobs, health and education in Queensland.

The 2015-16 budget will see the injection of $1.6 billion for the Working Queensland jobs plan, that will help to promote job growth and investment through key initiatives aimed at improving skills and training and fostering innovative industries.

This plan will help to support 32,000 Queenslanders back into work through an investment of $240 million for the Skilling Queenslanders for Work initiative over four years.

CEO of the Workforce Council, Doug Evans, said that the boost was an indicator of the growing demand for training and services across the state in all areas, including the health and community services.

“Our industry has been experiencing strong growth for the past five years with an increased demand for health and community services workers related to a number of state and federal government reforms, demographic and social influences,” said Mr Evans.

“More than 288,000 Queenslanders work in the sector, and this includes an increase of 500 full-time jobs over the last 12 months.

“Policy and investment aimed at improving productivity, increasing skills and enabling greater workforce flexibility to meet labour demand is encouraging to see as health and community services continue to face a future of strong growth, job creation and changing service delivery models.

“The provision of effective and forward-focused education, training and skills development is also critical to ensure the Queensland workforce is flexible and able to adapt to structural changes in the economy.

“It is encouraging to see health and community services acknowledged in not only creating a growing workforce but also supporting individuals to effectively access the labour market.

“It is essential that we continue to work with Government to make sure investment into skilling and training of the health and community services workforce remains a priority and we continue  to meet the service delivery needs of the community, as employment and demand  continues to grow within our sectors.”


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