We value our members

The Workforce Council values connection. At every level, across all occupations and in every kind of workplace, we engage with individuals and service providers, organisations and government, leaders and industry participants so that people are connected, developed, supported and represented. If you’re a part of our industry, consider connecting with us to strengthen our work.

We rely on the support and involvement of members to continue to:

  • Understand trends, challenges and opportunities in our industry
  • Provide high quality services, events, advice and advocacy
  • Accurately represent broad and diverse industry views and needs.
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Our Membership

Constitutional Membership
Free to eligible organisations.

Have your say on governance issues and input into submissions.

A pathway to greater representation through committees and our Board.

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Membership application process explained

You can apply for Constitutional Membership via our online form. To help you prepare the information you may need to complete your application, review the steps involved in applying below:

Step1: Eligibility

Joining on behalf of an organisation or business entitles you to apply for Constitutional Membership.

Individuals (including sole traders or consultants) are not eligible to apply for Constitutional Membership.

Step 2: Your Contact Details

Provide your contact details, including these mandatory fields for businesses:

  • Your legal name
  • ABN
  • Number of full time employees
Step 3: Your Address & Sector

Provide your postal address and nominate your industry sector & business type.

Step 4: Confirm your authority

Confirm you have the authority to request Constitutional membership on behalf of your organisation and that you meet eligibility requirements.

Step 5: Wait for confirmation

If you have requested Constitutional Membership: your application will need to be approved by the Board. A decision will be made at the next available board meeting. We will be in touch after this to advise of the outcome.